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Skype and Verizon Wireless

December 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

At the start of this break I was frustrated with the fact that my house is a dead zone for Verizon and as a result I missed any and all calls while I was home. To deal with this I decided to finally properly configure Skype to work in sync with my cell phone. I forked over $20 and got a 3 month plan for unlimited calling through Skype, a phone number for my account and voicemail. I also set it up to display my cell phone number when I call from Skype so as not confuse people. To have it work in sync literally all I had to do is dial *72 followed by my Skype phone number and all calls are automatically forwarded to my computer. And when I leave the house all I have to do to have calls go back to my cell is dial *73
and everything goes back to normal. It is simple and it works.

To my surprise just a few days layer I switched to AT&T and got an iPhone (from which I am currently typing this post). So service in the house is no longer an issue, but I still occasionally use the Skype calling. Overall, I definitely recomend this Skype configuration if service is an issue for you. I will post more about the iphone soon.

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